Just cut me out or kill me out.

I don’t need a happy ending.

Don’t let me fade out.

I can't let you go...
{ Kim Jisoo in Epik High's Spoiler }


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"We got no answers, just a lot of questions"

— Lesson 5 | Epik High (via tabloworld)

"You try to run away,
run away from the world.
But then you run away,
run away from yourself
and you don’t know the way home."

AMOR FATI. (epik high)

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"We’re two perfectly matching pieces, just different puzzles."

— Epik High (Amor Fati)

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"To those who thought we were dead,
And kicked us when we were down,
Fuck you.
We back."

— Encore - Epik High (via g-bin)

Your cold eyes and words are the spoiler
In your every action, I see our end[.]

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Gaeko - Hueng Hai feat Ailee

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7 Deadly Sins ~ Epik High’s ‘Born Hater